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Save Your Food with Arduino Freezer Temperature Sensor

Food Category. How long can you store food for? Just measure its water activity! BetaWolf is a scientist fascinated by physics, chemistry, mathematics and especially the symmetry of phenomena in nature and the way humans describe them in the form of fundamental laws. He submitted to our blog a project focused on measuring water activity

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The Arduino Servo Cat-a-pult looks to automate this rather annoying daily task. A pressure sensor mat — placed in front of your cat’s food dish — activates the device.

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Single-board computer Pineapple Food Arduino Do it yourself - pineapple is about Plant, Vegetarian Food, Food, Ananas, Natural Foods, Superfood, Fruit, Pineapple

Arduino based IoT Project for Food Quality Monitoring

JOS – Open Source Menu Interface for Arduino/TFTLCD. It is written in the Arduino IDE and works perfect with the 2. 8″ TFTLCD breakout board and the Touch Shield. This version does not support and SD card/bitmap functions as I do not have a touch shield yet. 33 Responses to JOS – Open Source Menu Interface for Arduino/TFTLCD. Simon

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/7/2016Scratch for Arduino (S4A) Project - A Food Detector Here is a project to design a Food Detector - an interactive game that tries to identify the type of food among a few given food items. It uses the Arduino's analog inputs to measure the resistance offered by different food items.

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Rotting food detector - Arduino Forum

Cooking Hacks makes electronics affordable, easy to learn and fun. The e-commerce for worldwide community of developers, designers, inventors and makers who love creating electronics with sensors, robotics, Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Cooking Hacks is a brand by Libelium.

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Arduino-based Food and Water Dispenser for Pets with GSM

/2/2015You are basically doing a rough calibration to the state of the food rather than the actual concentration of a particular gas, each food type will release different gases and at different levels as they deteriorate. ie. on arduino: 0v = fresh 1v = OK 2V = risky 3V = chuck it 4V = you chuck 5v = destroy fridge something like that

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rduino for food March 31, 2015 News Comments Off on ARDUINO FOR FOOD The students got a crash course in Arduino last Friday as we invited in Alessio from Fab …

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ARDUINO FOR FOOD - Food Innovation Program

0 Projects To Celebrate Arduino Day. Jordan Bunker. Technical Editor at Maker Media. Maker. Hacker. Artist. Sometimes Scientist. Pretengineer. Builder of things. Maker of stuff. View more articles by Jordan Bunker . By Jordan Bunker. Jordan Bunker. Technical Editor at Maker Media. Maker. Hacker. Artist.

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Adafruit Industries, Unique CNC Accessories Cosplay/Costuming Halloween Reseller and School Packs …

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Gravity: Arduino pH Sensor Meter Kit - DFRobot

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Introduction: Food Detector So, i was just bored and was browsing Arduino Project Ideas page, and saw something odd and fascinating: it said something like Food Detector: By Measuring Resistances) and there was a link too.

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Arduino Controled Dog Food/treat Dispenser: 10 Steps

The open-source Arduino Software (IDE) makes it easy to write code and upload it to the board. It runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. The environment is written in Java and based on Processing and other open-source software.